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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. The Difference Between. What is difference between bc and bcm caste? Wiki User The caste system started at bc to bc by the arayians. The caste comes as a certification representing the belonging to a specific caste.

bc d caste full form

There are four different groups of castes that comes under the BC community. BC caste comes under which category. Malaysia is 15 hours ahead of BC. There was no year zero, so the difference between AD and BC is just like the difference between and BC stands for before Christ and AD stands for after death.

Asked in Bangalore, Mysore You are bc vadugan are you under obc caste category? Asked in Caste System Is kamboj thind belongs to bc caste? Italy is ahead 9 hours when compared to Vancouver, BC.

Between BC and BC is 80 years. It comes under BC community.

bc d caste full form

No chiranjeevi belongs to oc. Australia is 16 hours ahead than Vancouver Bc.

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Asked in Andhra Pradesh Did besta caste belongs to obc? No, Besta belongs to BC-d. Trending Questions.A candidate having BC-A certificate is not sufficient income certificate also required. Haryana Welfare Schemes. Caste reservation is always a matter of concern for both citizen and government too.

BC, MBC,DNC, SC and ST community Expansion?

Percentage of reservation various for the purpose, it is applying. Reservation in admissions :-Sixteen percent reservation shall be provided for admissions in educational Entry No. Reservation in admissions :-Eleven percent reservation shall be provided for admissions in educational institutes Entry No. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Surinder July 17, at PM. Unknown February 5, at PM.

Unknown June 2, at AM. Unknown March 15, at PM. Unknown March 27, at PM. Unknown April 7, at PM. Unknown July 6, at AM. Unknown April 21, at AM.

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Unknown June 13, at PM. Unknown June 14, at AM. Unknown July 12, at AM. Unknown February 8, at PM. Search for:. For getting better jobs, the youth of the Haryana is completing the high qualification, but the unavailability of employment are distracting Download Budhapa Pension Form in Hindi.

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Search This Blog. Report Abuse. Sample Text.This refers to Maharashtra Govt Letter No. Bawa, 2. Beldar, 3. Bharadi, 4. Bhute, 5. Chalwadi, 6. Chitrakathi, 7. Garudi, 8. Ghisadi, 9.

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Golla, Gondhali, Gopal, Helwe, Joshi, Kasi-Kapadi, Kolhati, Mairal, Masan-Jogi, Nandi-Wale, Pangul, Raval, Shikalgar, Thakar, Vaidu, Thelari Mariaiwale etc, Muslim Madari, Garudi, Saapwale, Jadugar, Indian Irani, Darveshi, Waghwale MuslimAswalwale. Dhangar :.

VJ Status Updated till March 31, Reservation Quota. Kumbhar or Kumhar. Kasar sub-castes -Kachar, Kachari. Ladhaf or Lai-daf NaddafMansuri. Peraki, Perakewad, Perike, Peraka. Parit or Dhobi ,Telgu Madelwar Parit.This list consists of 15 serial nos. He further informed that entry at Sl.

What is the Full Form of B.C. ?

Right now, the enumeration of BC voters is underway in GHMC and other municipal bodies, where elections are due, and the booth level officers are finding it difficult to do the marking of backward class voters among Muslims. He has therefore, requested to issue a clarification regarding the Sl. In this connection, it is informed that in the G. The High Court in its Orders on Act No. Further, the Appeal Civil No.

Heard learned Attorney General for India and also Harish Salva, learned senior counsel for the respondents. This is a temporary measure till the matter is finally decided. These matters are referred to the Constitution Bench to be listed in the 2nd week of August, along with CA. More then sayyad people taken BC b. Respected sir My name is Mohammad Mozam ali khan. May i get BC. E ceetificate in Andhrapradesh.

bc d caste full form

Plzz give me rply…. Respected sir my name is sayyad masudkhan I belong to Telangan. Am I eligible or not for BC-E cast. Batayiye na sir? Sir my name is shaik. My caste is BC-E.

Am I eligible to take OBC central certificate? Some people say that I am eligible to take Non creamy layer certificate. Thank you!! Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery.

Recover your password. Monday, April 13, The exam is scheduled for May 3, in offline mode. The percentage of seats reserved for different categories is as follows:.

This move came after the th Amendment Bill in the Constitution of India, which was passed in the January session of the Parliament. Admission through state quota will be subject to the eligibility criteria and reservation policy applicable in the State or Union Territory where the student seeks admission.

They have a separate selection process and NEET is only the first step.

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The nodal authorities for issuing these documents is also clearly indicated in the certificate formats published in NEET Information Bulletin.

I belong to the unreserved category. What is the upper age limit for candidates appearing in NEET? However, the candidature of general candidates above 25 years of age is subject to the orders of the Supreme Court. The eligibility of qualifying marks in class 12 th for candidates appearing in NEET is mentioned below:. Am I eligible for appearing in the exam? I am opting Oriya as the question paper medium. You are eligible for All India Quota and other quotas per the required norms irrespective of the medium in which examination is attempted.

These are the seats in government colleges which are filled through All-India centralized counselling; it means that students from any state are eligible for these seats. What is the reservation criteria for seats falling under the jurisdiction of States? It is as per State Reservation Policy.

All the seats will be allotted according to the reservation policy of a particular state. This reservation will only be applicable to the castes mentioned in the Central list of OBC.

Is there any reservation for Creamy layer OBC candidates? No, there is no separate reservation for girls in the NEET, they will be considered under normal reservation policy. What is the reservation policy for Physically Handicapped candidates under State Quota? The reservation for Physically Handicapped candidates under State Quota is according to the state government policies, each state has its own reservation policy for these candidates.

Candidates seeking admission in AFMC have to register on official website www. AFMC have a total of seats. What is the number of reserved seats for males in AFMC? As per the norms of AFMC, seats are reserved for male candidates out of seats. Is a Blind, deaf or dumb candidate eligible for any reservation under NEET reservation policy for physically handicapped candidates? No, a Blind, deaf or dumb person is not eligible for any kind of reservation.

However, some states may have reservation under Defence quota in NEET and candidates should contact their state counselling authorities for this.Choose Your State for Caste Certificate.

Following documents may be submitted by the applicant for Caste Certificate, whether ha is applying Online or Offline. The applicant can Apply Online or Offline as per state govt norms for obtaining his Duplicate copy of Caste Certificate.

The details for issuing a Duplicate copy of Caste Certificate can be obtained from the official website of state government. Choose Your State Here. The Application Form can be downloaded from the official website of state government.

You can Choose Your State for more details by choosing your state. When you Apply for Caste Certificate i. You can find out this option on official website of your state or concerned authority for Caste Certificates.

bc d caste full form

If you have received your caste certificate from third party, you can check its status through official portal. Some states provide this facility on their web portal. Otherwise, you can verify your Caste Certificate by visiting the Local Office of authority. The statutory lists of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, in pursuance of Articles and of the Indian Constitution, were notified for the first time under the Constitution Schedule Castes Order, and the Constitution Scheduled Tribes Order, Thereafter, a few other orders in respect of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes list in some individual States also came into force.

The Candidate has to Apply in such form and in such manner as prescribed, to the competent authority for issue of caste certificate. The competent authority may, on an application made after satisfying himself about the procedure prescribed issue a caste certificate within such time limit.

After obtaining Caste certificate from competent authority, any person desirous of availing of the benefits or concessions provided to Scheduled Caste SCScheduled Tribe STOther Backward Category OBC for the purpose stated above may make an application in such a form and in manner prescribed to concerned Scrutiny Committee for verification of such Caste Certificate and issue of validity certificate.

Certifying authority should be one concerned with the locality in which the person applying for a certificate has his permanent place of abode. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The caste system in India is considered to be very old, running down since ages.

Ancient Hindu society was divided into four exclusive, hereditary, and occupation based Varnas Castes, or breed, or races.

NEET 2020 Reservation for State/Defence Quota and Other Reserved Categories

Vedas ancient Hindu scriptures which form the basis of such a division of the society into Varnas say that these 4 Varnas originated from 4 different body parts of Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe. Brahmins originated from the mouth which gives them the right to look after intellectual and spiritual needs of society. Khatriyas Warriors originated from hands thus giving them the right to be protectors of the society. Vaishyas merchants originated from thighs to look after agriculture and commerce, and the feet gave birth to Shudras artisans and labor who were to look after manual work.

A fifth category was later added and that was Ati Shudras Untouchables who were condemned for all dirty and polluting jobs. This Varna system worked well till late in the nineteenth century, but as urbanization took place and the economy became more complex, especially after independence inthe Varna system gave rise to the Jati system which had same characteristics as Varna system but Jatis were not subsets of Varnas. There are regional differences in Jati system where a Jati may be backward in a particular region while it may not be so in another region.

To simplify the distinction, and also to provide for up-lifting of the weaker sections of the society, the government of India, with an amendment to the constitution, allowed for reservation of seats for backward and weaker sections of the society.

The classification made by the government is as follows. Other category, also called open category which has no reservation in employment. This is also known as General GEN class mainly comprising of three of the highest classes in the Varna system, which are the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. They have traditionally been marginalized and not in the mainstream of the society. They are also known as Adivasis, and are called scheduled tribes as they have been added under a schedule of the constitution.

Also called backward classes, these come from economically and socially backward classes of the society. Other backward castes form a very large group that is heterogeneous and similar to ST in the sense that it has been considered by the constitution as being economically and socially very backward.

It was the intention of the policy makers that by providing a reservation for SC and ST in jobs, they would slowly come in the mainstream of the society and this is why this reservation was initially planned for 10 years only.

But it has not only continued but even been increased to a great extent causing discontent among the youth of the country. Yes, Dr Ambektar has planned to give reservation only for 10 years to economically balance Indian people. But our stupid Indian government continued to gain votes from the people on caste basis. Related posts: Difference Between Shaadi. Comments Yes, Dr Ambektar has planned to give reservation only for 10 years to economically balance Indian people.

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